Apple's iTunes Festival at London's ICA is heading into its final week, with reports confirming capacity crowds at the shows.

The company has booked 60 acts to play at the ICA throughout July, making tickets only available through artist websites and competitions - you can't buy them.

Apple has now released an iTunes Festival Screensaver, which is available for Mac and Windows systems. The screensaver features both photos and logos for all the acts appearing at the show, flicking between the two states at random. Use of album cover images was precluded by problems licensing the artwork from some labels for use within the harmless piece of consumer entertainment.

The festival line-up has included or will include many already known or up-and-coming acts: the likes of Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse and Kasabian are playing beside bands such as The Rumble Strips, Mr Hudson and The Library and Air Traffic.

iTunes will release exclusive live recordings and video-taped performance features of artists included within the festival in the coming weeks. Live performances from Mika and Nine Black Alps are available now, with more promised in the coming weeks.