Apple has extended iMix with the new ability to publish iMix playlists to the web.

The move is a gentle attempt to capitalise on the trend toward blogs and online social networking websites.

"Show off your iTunes iMix on your blog, social networking profile, or Flash-enabled website," Apple says. To publish an iMix to a website, users simply need to click the 'Publish to the Web' button on the iMix page. They are then taken to a new page, where they can select what size the graphic displaying the iMix should be, and where they can access code to paste to their blog, website or MySpace page.

The company has also released RSS code to let users link their choice of RSS reader to their favourite iMixes in order to track any changes.

Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, the feature doesn't yet allow website owners to stream 30-second previews of tracks to their page, instead an arrow beside a track name lets site visitors have a swift listen to a track through iTunes.