Apple has released eight exclusively recorded live tracks from Razorlight through the iTunes Store.

The band performed an exclusive live gig with Apple at a prestigious secret London location last week.

Fans of the band had been offered a chance to win tickets to the uniquely intimate show, which was recorded exclusively for iTunes.

The band's set list on the night included the following tracks: 'In the Morning', 'Hold On', 'Golden Touch', 'Back to the Start', 'Before I Fall To Pieces', 'Somewhere Else', Los Angeles Waltz', 'America' and 'In The City'.

All the tracks bar the band's recent number one hit, 'America', have been made available through iTunes (price: £6.32)

The act were on spectacular form on the night, with lead man Johnny Borrell proving himself an admirable and versatile life performer, with a wide and convincing vocal range.

The band clearly owe a debt to a wide range of musical influences. Guitarist, Bjorn Ågren, told Macworld Plus: "The comparisons are so different they almost seem random, but in a way I guess that may be the thing, we listen to a lot of music between us, so it's going to come out in the music we create."

Image - captured during Razorlight's live performance last week - Lisa Rocket