Reports claim Apple may introduce the iTunes Store to Russia later this month.

These reports emanate from a local Russian publication which claims billboards that seem to suggest the launch are appearing across Moscow. "iSkoro 21.04.2008," the ads proclaim. The report also notes the intermittent appearance of iTunes Store ads online.

Local Russian publication, CNews notes the billboards are "made in the iPhone style".

Evgeny Chichvarkin, head of the Russian mobile retailer Euroset told CNews: "It is great if that is true. Apple has made another step to iPhone legal sales in Russia and prices for Apple goods might go down to the US or European ones."

Former Warner Music International vice president, Jay Durgan, told Macworld: "iTunes launching in Russia would make sense as they need only re-skin their website as their platform already accommodates double-byte due to Japanese language."

Despite the facility with which Apple could begin the service in Russia, he added: "However, I have no knowledge whatsoever of such plans on the part of iTunes."

Apple doesn't comment on rumour or speculation.