iTunes needs to bring its music prices into line with competitors such as Amazon, according to a poll.

A survey of visitors to the TMM website found that 86 percent of respondents wanted iTunes to match prices with Amazon.

The poll also found that 71 percent wanted restrictions on variable song and album pricing reduced, while 51 percent said that they weren't interested in easier integration with third party services.

Nick Barber, editor of TMM said: "With Apple now responsible for 70 percent of digital downloads, it has to be careful not to wield its power irresponsibly.

"Yes it has a monopoly in the area, but these results show that with Amazon making a major play into digital music downloads and Spotify eyeing up a big expansion in US market in 2011, Steve Jobs might be wise to appease the demands of music fans at this year's keynote," he continued.

The survey is based on a small sample - just 2,064 people voted in the poll between 27 December and 2 January - so it's difficult to draw any real conclusions from it.

However, the fact that levels of online music piracy remain high - industry body the BPI reckons that 76 percent of all music obtained online in 2010 was illegally procured - supports the argument that many people aren't prepared to meet the prices of online music services, whether iTunes or not.