iTunes has opened its doors up to independent film producers, offering them the chance to sell their creations through Apple's media store.

The company is becoming more flexible in the films it allows to be sold through its presently US-only film download service. Apple is now prepared to sell video "outside of its high-profile deals" with larger film studios, such as Disney, Variety explains.

This news emerges as the iTunes Store on Tuesday added a new independently produced film about snowboarding, That, to those available for sale through its store.

That is a film made for DVD by Forum Snowboards. It's significant because this is the first time the company has sold a film that doesn't come through a major studio or distributor.

The news also matches recent reports suggesting Apple is looking to the indies to help generate interest in online film downloads. For example, the company recently inked a deal with the Sundance movie festival to sell some of the independent films showed there through its shop.

"People are not buying DVDs the way they used to, and it's becoming increasingly easy to get (illegal) versions of our content online, so we're thrilled to be able to pioneer an agreement like this with iTunes," Mike Nusenow, general manager of the Program, Forum's parent company, told Variety.