Ticketmaster and iTunes are working together to offer music lovers discounted digital albums when they buy their gig tickets in the US. It has not been confirmed if this offer will extend to Ticketmaster and iTunes in the UK.

Music fans purchasing tickets at Ticketmaster.com for live performances by participating artists will be given the option of adding a digital album to their purchase for one dollar off the album's price until December, 2007.

The service currently features 700 musical acts, including Kanye West, Keith Urban, Modest Mouse and Bon Jovi,

"This Ticketmaster and iTunes program instantly gives our music huge exposure to a very important consumer audience - the people who come to our shows," said Kanye West. "Touring is the most powerful and sincere connection that we have with our fans, so being able to deliver our music for download during the ticket buying process is a slam-dunk for us, and for all recording and touring artists out there who depend on reaching their live audience."

Ticketmaster and iTunes are also delivering special Ticketmaster + iTunes gift card packs throught US Target stores. These include two $25 gift cards: one redeemable against tickets at Ticketmaster.com and one redeemable for digital music at the iTunes Store.