Commercial broadcast giant ITV plans to start charging for online content sooner than later.

ITV chief executive Adam Crozier confirmed the plans speaking at The Royal Television Society International Conference in London this week.

"At some point in the next year to 18 months, I am keen to put a payment mechanism in place to test what content people will pay for," Crozier said. "I think people don’t know the answer to this question and we are going to have to learn as we go."

"Whether that is a richer, deeper experience for Coronation Street, for instance, with alternative endings or the backstories behind certain things, we will see."

ITV - The X-Factor

"I don’t see us going down the News International route of putting everything behind a paywall, but we can start to look at what kind of things can we put online that we can charge for."

ITV currently offers a range of recent and archive shows free online via the Flash based ITV Player catch-up TV service.

Crozier also said ITV had no plans to offer content with partners such as YouTube, SeeSaw and Hulu.

"I am not interested in working with aggregators. We need to keep control of our own content," the ITV boss said.