Apple has revealed a new program as part of its iWork '08 package, called Numbers. The program is an Apple-developed spreadsheet package.

Steve Jobs called Numbers a "spreadsheet for the rest of us". The program is in the same style as Keynote and Pages with intelligent tables, readable formulas and 'simple flexible stuff'. He continued to state that it "can make gorgeous looking spreadsheets very quickly and, of course, you can import and export Excel documents".

Numbers touts features such as 'intelligent tables', which enable you to sort and filter by clicking on headers; 'flexible canvas', which lets you put multiple sheets on a canvas, tied together in formulas but not tied together by formatting. And it has the requisite set of features such as chart creation, image management, text labels, and the ability to add photos and diagrams.

Jobs called iWork '08 "dramatically enhanced", with new features in Keynote, the presentation software, and Pages, a word processor designed for users looking for page layout capabilities.

Describing himself as "a voracious Keynote user", Jobs said he loves the new version, which adds new text effects, new transitions, and a new feature called 'Instant Alpha'. The feature lets you take the background out of images and just keep what you want without having to use masking features in image editing software.

Smart Builds are another new feature. You start with a floating palette that uses 'Drop zones', drag photos into place, and keynote will automatically generate accompanying animations such as spinning cubes, turntables, and thumb throughs.

Pages has been enhanced, too - it now features two modes, one for word processing and one for page layout. A contextual format bar has been added, and you can now review changes in documents using change tracking. Apple has included 140 templates in Pages '08.