The house that Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs bought, near the University of Tennessee Health Science Centre where he had a liver transplant, lost the state $475,000.

The house in Midtown was initially bought on behalf of the chancellor of the hospital for $1.325 million just before the housing bubble burst. Apple’s Jobs bought the 5,800 square foot house for $850,000 – almost half a million less than the state paid for it, according to a Memphis Business Journal report.

The house is now owned by Dr James Eason, the transplant surgeon who performed the operation on Jobs.

The connection between Jobs’ qualification for the 2009 transplant and his purchase of the house, and latter sale of it to Eason, were questioned recently during a debate about a proposal to combine the Memphis and Nashville transplant organisations.

Eason claimed there was no house-transplant deal: “Absolutely not. All of his hospital care was covered entirely by insurance, like it would be for any other insurance. I took care of him and visited him in that home and when I learned that it was going to be going on the market, I asked the administrator of the LLC if I could purchase it.”


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