In the soon to be released Steve Jobs biopic ‘Jobs’, costume designer Lisa Jensen used a “mountain of jeans” for Ashton Kutcher who will play Jobs.

Ashton Kutcher needed so many pairs in different washes and sizes due to his fluctuating weight as he was playing Jobs over a 20-year span, from a tall, skinny teenager to a fully-grown man. Kutcher had to lose almost 2 stone for the initial scenes and as the filming continued chronologically, slowly gained weight.

Jobs’ style was never particularly outlandish but always distinctive, with his Levi's jeans and Issey Miyake black turtlenecks as his usual uniform. Issey Miyake, a Japanese designer, made Jobs over 100 black turtlenecks. The look became so iconic, in fact, that immediately after his death, a clothing company in Minnesota, St. Croix, claimed its black turtlenecks doubled in sales.

No mention was made of the Miyake jumpers in an interview on costume with Jensen, but she revealed New Balance, a trainer company, manufactured the exact shoes Jobs used to wear from old molds. A great deal of research was required for the costume department in order to retain authenticity and an archivist joined the team to assist with research, looking through photographs of Jobs throughout the 20 year era, as well as the harder to source images of Steve Wozniak from the early days.

Suits were supplied by Cassara Brothers Clothiers who made originally dressed the top executives at Apple in the beginning of the company. In the film, Kutcher, Matthew Modine and J.K. Simmons all wear custom suits from Cassara Brothers Clothiers whilst playing, Jobs, John Sculley and Arthur Rock respectively.

Kutcher himself also regarded authenticity extremely highly whilst filming and even undertook Jobs’ all fruit diet, a method acting choice which he claims almost put him in hospital.

‘Jobs’ opens in the US on 16 August, and is the first of two biopics which are both currently still in production, the other is a yet to be named film scripted by the writer of ‘The Social Network’, Aaron Sorkin.

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