A digital collection of John Lennon music videos is to be released next month through iTunes in the US.

The 'John Lennon Video Album' ships on 4 December and will be sold in the form of an iTunes Digital Release Card that will be made available at Starbucks locations across the US. It's the first time Apple, EMI or Starbucks have grown involved in such a deal for video sales.

The $24.95 collection features 21 videos, including: 'Imagine', 'Working Class Hero' and 'Give Peace A Chance', many of which have never before been released in a digital format.

The collectible cards are distinguished with a silver-toned photo of Lennon. iTunes and Starbucks have made similar retail partnerships for the sale of albums from KT Tunstall and Eddie Vedder, but this is the first such joint move to be focused on video.