It's been another busy week at Macworld. Here are some of our news highlights from the week that bought us Jony Ive being awarded a Blue Peter badge, claims that Apple has 100 people working on iWatch, and battery and security problems caused by Apple's iOS 6.1 update.

Apple designs

Make sure you catch Sir Jony Ive's interview on UK kids TV programme Blue Peter, you can find the video in: Apple's Sir Jony Ive is awarded 'Amazing' gold Blue Peter badge.

News that Apple had slashed £200 off MacBook Pro with Retina Display went down well.

As did news that Apple had launched shorter Lightning to USB cable, tweaked its In-Ear Headphones, to bring a more rounded look to the remote and mic. 

iPhone, iWatch and Apple Television rumours

There were the usual raft of iPhone rumours, including claims that Apple is slowing iPhone 5 production in preparation for iPhone 6 launch, And news that Apple has won a new patent covering "microslot antenna" technology that could enable the next iPhone, iPad or MacBook to be thinner lead to claims that the new Apple antenna patent hints at all-aluminium iPhone.

Speaking of the iPhone, Apple has a bit of a battle on its hands in Brazil where regulators have ruled that Apple doesn't have exclusive on 'iPhone'.

The Apple television also got its share of attention with claims that Apple is to hold a television-related special event in March. This sparked a lot of speculation as to with an SDK for the Apple TV could mean, with a Microsoft Xbox founder saying: Apple 'will simply kill Xbox'.

The iWatch rumour mill was also reignited with claims that Apple has team of 100 people working on smart watch. The latest reports suggest that Apple has a team of at least 100 designers working on a smart watch. The Apple's iWatch doesn't scare smart watch makers Pebble or MetaWatch though "because it is bringing consumers' attention to the idea of wearable technology".

iOS 6.1 flaws and failings

The iOS 6.1 update has caused nothing but trouble for Apple. Last Friday evening Vodafone warned iPhone users not to update to iOS 6.1. Sending out a text to customers warning that the update will cause problems. Then Apple released iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S to fix 3G issue only for more problems to arise with Exchange syncing, leading Apple to promise an Exchange bug fix in a future iOS 6.1 update.

A security flaw has also come to light that allows people to bypass the lock screen. Reports about the exploit began circulating early Thursday, though the YouTube video with the method was actually posted at the end of January.

Tim Cook keynote to State of the Union

Apple's CEO had a busy day on Tuesday. Starting with a 7am keynote then a 2,000 mile flight to sit with Michelle Obama  for the State of the Union address at which President Obama praised Apple for bringing back jobs (as in US employment, rather than Steve).

Earlier that day Tim spoke at the 2013 Goldman Sachs conference discussing Apple's cash balance (as we did in What should Apple do with its $137b cash?); the Greenlight 'sideshow' (more on that below), acquisitions (reports followed a day later that Apple might buy German luxury TV-manufacturer Loewe); and dismissed the idea of a cheaper iPhone.

Wacky Apple

There were some more unusual stories, like the painting of Steve Jobs as a Russian Army General and the boy who built an app in an attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend.

We particularly liked the story of Craig Elliot. Who said: 'Steve Jobs gave me a Porsche because I sold the most Macs'.

We were also amused to read about Blackberry creative director Alicia Keys' iPhone tweet as it reminded us of the time we helped Steve Jobs show her how to use iTunes.

The tale of the owner of 'The Apple Shop', a cider store in Norfolk, who had been told change the name of his business after being inundated with calls from confused iPad, iPhone and Mac owners, also caught our eye: 'The Apple Shop' cider store to change name to stop calls about iPads

Naughty Apple

Apple was put in the dog house by Friends of the Earth who accused it (and Samsung) of "trashing tropical forests and coral reefs in Indonesia" due to the use of tin in the iPhone and iPad. Apple accused of 'trashing' Indonesia thanks to use of tin in iPad and iPhone.

Apple has also been left alone on the naughty step in the eBook price fixing case in America, with Macmillan becoming the last publisher to settle in Department of Justice eBook price fixing battle. Read: Apple is last man standing in eBook price fixing case.

Speaking of the law, apparently Apple's Tim Cook 'never wanted to sue Samsung'. Cook didn't want to sue Samsung because of its "critical role" as a supplier. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, wanted to go to "thermonuclear war" and got his way.

Apple Retail

The recent failure of retailers such as HMV, Jessops, Blockbuster, Game, Comet and, and reports suggesting that 600 shops closed last year, have raised the question about what's to blame for the high street's struggles. Apple on the other hand is seeing huge success. We asked: What is Apple doing right? And is its success to blame for the failures of others? In our investigation: Is Apple to blame for the High Street's struggles?

In other retail news, ousted Apple retail boss John Browett becomes chief executive at Monsoon Accessorize.

AAPL and Greenlight

We were intrigued to learn that a Mass AAPL sell off by four hedge funds caused Apple stock price to plummet in the fourth quarter of 2012. Just four hedge funds dumped 796,000 AAPL shares worth billions in the fourth quarter of 2012, causing the share price to plummet.

And sticking with investors, the Greenlight saga continued this week with Apple responding to Greenlight's 'Attempt to interfere' with a 21-page document with the courts outlining why it thinks that the Greenlight Capital lawsuit shouldn't be given the time of day. Unfortunately for Apple, as it paid investors a $2.5 billion dividend another investor sued over the same concerns as Greenlight.

Greenlight is suing Apple in order to block a proposal that is due to be voted on in at the shareholder meeting. Greenlight's Einhorn says that if shareholders vote for Proposal 2 Apple will be never be able to issue preferred stock, a scheme he is pitching for Apple to adopt.

Tune in next week for more of the same. 

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