Apple's design guru Sir Jony Ive watched his customised Rose Gold Earpods, Red Mac Pro, one-off Leica camera and more raise millions for the (RED) campaign for the Global Fund to fight against AIDs, tuberculosis and malaria, but who were the highest bidders?

We thought we'd solved the mystery when photos of former Apple executive Tony Fadell, a.k.a the 'father of the iPod', appeared to confirm that he was the buyer that had taken home the items, paying $977,000 (£602,529) for the red Mac Pro and $461,000 (£284,000) for the soid gold Apple EarPods.

Photographer Kevin Abosch has tweeted images of the Podfather (below) on 11 December, who is seen holding the one-off red Mac Pro and gold EarPods. According to the tweets, Fadell was "already trying to hack" the red Mac Pro.

However, on 13 December, Fadell took to Twitter to rubbish the claims, tweeting: "To be clear, I'm not the owner of either. The real owner will reveal themselves if they so choose."

So the mystery continues...

A total of 44 items went under the hammer in the special auction on 23 November, curated by Ive and fellow designer Marc Newson at New York's Sotheby's auction house. In total, the 44 items sold for a sum of $12.8 million (£8 million).

The customised red Mac Pro that we wished we could buy raised an incredible $977,000 (£602,529) at the auction, making it the most expensive desktop computer ever sold. Previously, the record was held by an Apple 1, which sold at auction for $671,000.

Also among the stars of the auction was a pair of Apple's Earpods that had been made with solid rose gold. They sold for £284,305, far above the estimate of £12,000 - £15,000.

Ive talks design in new Sotheby's auction video

The (RED) Desk, designed from scratch by Ive and Newson themselves, was also among the stand-out items at the auction, raising just over £1 million. It was topped by the customised Steinway & Sons grand piano, though, which sold for £1.2 million. Plus, the gorgeous one-off Leica camera reached a total of £1.1 million at auction. There's still no word on who purchased those items, but we'll update this article when we find out more.

In September, it was revealed that Apple has raised $65 million for the cause through selling its Product (RED) iPods and accessories.

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