Apple has enjoyed stronger than expected MacBook sales during its second financial quarter, prompting the analysts at JP Morgan to raise its financial estimates on the company's performamce.

JP Morgan raised its second quarter profit estimate for the company to $1.09 per share, up from $1.05 per share. The analyst also raised its FY 2008 estimate for Apple ten cents to $5.04 per share.

Buoyed by strong MacBook sales, the analyst now predicts Apple will shift 2.11 Macs in its second quarter, up from an earlier estimate of 1.97 million.

Apple's desktop sales are expected to see a 20 per cent dip, but the analysts see this as a seasonal dip common across the industry.

JPMorgan is also reducing its estimates for iPhone and iPod shipments from approximately 1.6 million and 10.1 million units each in the March quarter to 1.5 million and 9.7 million units, AppleInsider adds.

The analysts warned that economic slowdown would affect results across the technology sector in Apple's third quarter: "We still believe that the June quarter could be the toughest in five years for investor sentiment, not to mention business fundamentals," JP Morgan said.