Proof that jury verdicts don’t always stick (although it hopefully will in the case of Apple versus Samsung); a court has ruled that Apple didn’t infringe Mirror Worlds’ patents, despite a October 2010 jury verdict that claimed that it had, and that it should pay $625.5m for doing so.

The jury found that Apple had infringed multiple patents that apply to displaying information on mobile devices and computer screens. The patents apply to Apple's iPhone, iPod, iPad and OS X, according to court documents, and include interface designs as Apple's "CoverFlow" - a 3D graphical interface used in iTunes and the iPhone - and its Time Machine data backup and restore software.

Apple has asked a federal judge to postpone applying the patent infringement verdict, citing a dispute over "triple dipping" made by an opposing attorney during closing arguments to the jury.

In April last year, a US Court overturned the verdict of the patent infringement case. Now a judge has ruled that Apple didn’t infringe the patents and Mirror Worlds had failed to establish its case, according to Bloomberg.

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