Now featured on the App Store’s New & Noteworthy Section, Jungly Jump for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad offers gamers a chance to help forest critters Squaty & Spiky shake the trees of their fruity delights.

Jungly Jump is also part of a recently launched MEDL Mobile Alliance, which promises to give iPhone developers a greater platform in an already crowded iPhone app marketplace to showcase their work. MEDL Mobile is perhaps best known for helping to launch the career of Coventry binman Rob Shoesmith and his iPhone app Problem Halved.

"Have you created a killer app that could do great things if people would just take notice?" the iPhone developer asks.

"Have you started an app that you don't have the ability to finish? Have you built an app that you don't have the time to maintain? Does your app have what it takes to become a Shiny MEDL Object?"

Any finished apps submitted form part of a MEDL Shop, and join an "intelligent recommendation engine." MEDL will also take over maintenance of apps, promising to perform regular upgrades, adding new content over time, as well as marketing apps through PR, social networking and relationship marketing programs.

MEDL offers iPhone developers three options.

"We can purchase it from you. We'll pay you a one time flat fee and you'll earn more in a single check than you may earn from months of downloads."

"You pay us a percentage of revenues generated from the app. You keep the rest of the revenues generated by the app - which is now better marketed, maintained and monetised."

"Somewhere in between."

More details of the scheme including a FAQ can be found here.

Jungly Jump for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Meanwhile, Jungly Jump is billed as a vibrant and deceptively challenging strategy game. Based on simple physics, gamers launch Spiky off the end of a teeter-totter board by telling Squaty, who’s hanging in the tree above, where and how high to jump.

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, Jungly Jump costs £1.19 and requires the iPhone 3.1.3 Software Update or later. A free Jungly Jump Lite is also offered.