We arrived at Apple's Regent Street store tonight to find a huddle of security staff discussing plans for tomorrow morning and an empty chair. 

Eventually Noah Green, a regular queuer outside the Apple Store turned up to assume his position at the front of the queue.

We've met Noah at a number of Apple product launches and he is a big Apple fan, owning every iPad the company has ever released. "I'm a hard core Apple user," he told us. 

So which iPad is he hoping to buy? "I'm going to get the WiFi 32GB as the 4G's not out for a few weeks," he said, adding "the iPad mini". 

When we asked people on Twitter earlier today whether they would be queuing up outside a store the general consensus was that it is too cold. Noah disagreed: "It's not so cold," he said, noting that he'd queued up once before in October for the launch of the iPhone 4S and that "was fine". 

Noah said he was: "Just waiting too see if anyone else turns up". What if they don't? we asked. "Maybe I'll go home," he admitted. 

After speaking to Noah we wondered over to the Covent Garden Apple Store. Despite the crowds of shoppers and a number of people milling around outside the store there was nobody queuing, although, as we found at Regent Street, there were security personnel attending a briefing about the plans for tomorrow morning. 

Covent Garden is prepared with masses of iron railings which will be used tomorrow morning to keep the queue in check, the big question is, will there even be a queue at 8am when the stores open? 

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