Amazon has launched the Kindle Cloud Reader, an app that will let you read books in your Kindle library through the Chrome and Safari browsers.

Kindle Cloud Reader lets you log in to your Amazon account and then displays all the e-book content you have purchased through that account in the browser.

You can then read any of the e-books and also purchase new ones. Any downloads can be saved for offline reading too, and should you lose your internet connection when reading a book you will be able to continue.

Significantly, it also allows Amazon to sidestep Apple's rules about selling content in-app; whereas Apple would take a 30 percent cut if you bought a book through the Kindle iPad app, you can buy the content through the Safari browser on an iPad, therefore depriving Apple of its slice.

Publishers are not allowed to put any links to non-App Store purchasing options for in-app content in iOS apps since Apple changed its policies back in February of this year. It was widely expected that Amazon would come up with a workaround for its Kindle apps so today's move is hardly a surprise.

Though Chrome and Safari are the only browsers supported at the moment, Amazon said that support for additional browsers would be coming soon.