Kinect-based gaming is already pretty cool, as are the hacks of the Microsoft device that followed its release last year. But it can be made even cooler by connecting up an iPhone for an ultimate two player experience.

A developer company from Singapore called Rockmoon created the experience by using Unity engine's game development code to get both an iPhone and Kinect working together.

The game the iPhone and Kinect are currently being used for is a prototype, which would require two people to play. One person controls the spacecraft with the Kinect (so looking as though they are holding a giant steering wheel) while the other uses the iPhone to shoot the guns.

Sadly, Rockmoon don't go into much detail on the processes of connecting the two devices together, but the completed project looks pretty fun. It would be great to see more mobile-to-console intergration in the future, though whether that would happen between companies is another matter. Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 intergration gaming anyone?