Rock 'n' roll comes to laptop bags with Ultimate DJ Gear's (UDG) introduction of a tough laptop bag.

The company's robust products are widely used across the music industry, with The Klaxons, The Futureheads, and Fatboy Slim all admitted users.

The new Creator series of bags are manufactured in hard-wearing ballistic nylon and offer new features for laptop users on the move - not least an ambient blue LED light that illuminate when you open your bag.

The Creator Backpack is designed to hold everything from your portable Mac to a DJ's stash of vinyl records. The bag has multiple internal and external pockets and ships with a range of protective inserts to ensure a snug fit for whatever you put inside.

The bags offer a comfortable moisture absorbent shoulder strap and host an integrated rain cover inside a hidden apartment.

For your iPod, iPhone or other device, the bag offers two external zippered side pockets, lined with non-scratch fabrics and equipped with earphone pass-throughs.