A taller iPod touch front panel and an iPhone 5 camera are the latest two parts have been leaked from Apple’s supply chain. MacRumors reports that sources have revealed images of the parts for next-generation iOS devices.

The first images show a taller iPod touch front panel, which measures 4.1in diagonally, say MacRumors’ sources.

The reports points out that Apple could use the same size for its next generation iPhone. These measurements, however, don’t match up with the most recent reports from 9to5Mac claiming that the new iPhone will be 3.999in diagonally.

The sources also told MacRumors that its supplier has included listings for other parts, which appear to be for the sixth generation iPhone. The new parts include the home button, and front and rear cameras, though the report points out that the cameras are not yet verified.

The new components look significantly different from the iPhone 4S parts, but MacRumors says that the differences may not be noticeable to the user once in the casing.

Yesterday, we reported that Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes that Apple is on target to release its next generation iPhone in October. He says that the new iPhone’s body will resemble the metallic rear panel of the iPad, and agrees with the rumours that the iPhone will have a larger screen.

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