It's been a busy week for Apple rumours. We've been hearing whispers about a new iPad mini, a fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 5S, mounting evidence to support the cheaper iPhone speculation and reports that the iPad 5 is on its way.

Plus, the first day of August brought with it three photographs showing components that allegedly belong to the future iPad, iPhone Lite and a new iPod touch.

Leaked photo of iPad 5 back casing

On Thursday, images showing what appears to be the back casing of the next-generation iPad appeared on Fanatic Fone.

According to the report, the blog has been given two unreleased iPad 5 rear casings from anonymous sources.

Speculation suggests that the next-generation iPad will closely resemble the iPad mini with a lighter, thinner design. These photographs seem to back up that speculation, with dimensions of 24 x 16.8cm and a weight of 100 grams.

The space between the border and the screen of the iPad mini appears to be shorter than in previous iPads, at 3mm, says the report. In addition, other changes include a redesigned volume button, a repositioned loud speaker, and a silver Apple logo instead of the black one found on current iPad models.

Fanatic Fone notes that the Apple logo looks odd from the inside of the casing because it is its own separate molding that is implemented into the casing, in order to make it harder to copy and more expensive to reproduce.

It's expected that the iPad 5 will arrive this autumn, and that it will coincide with the release of iOS 7.

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Leaked photo of low-cost iPhone camera

Also on Thursday, a photograph that allegedly shows a camera that is destined for the low-cost iPhone, which is currently being dubbed 'iPhone Lite' or 'iPhone 5C'.

Chinese site IT168 shared the photograph this week, which it says shows the camera module for the rumoured cheaper iPhone. According to the report, the camera uses the same 8-megapixel camera as the iPhone 5, complete with the same sapphire crystal cover. This has led to the conclusion that the internal components of the cheaper iPhone could be largely similar to the iPhone 5, but contained with in a low-cost plastic casing to keep costs down.

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Leaked photo of new iPod touch flex cable

Yet another leaked component on Thursday comes in the form of a flex cable that is said to belong to a next-generation iPod touch, sparking rumours that we could see a new model launched this year.

This is one of the first rumours we've heard about the iPod touch since the fifth-generation launched last year. Some reports had suggested that Apple may decide to stop working on its iPod touch line in order to focus on its iPad and iPhone products.

However, if this latest leak proves to be true, we could see the arrival of a new iPod touch at some point this year.

The cable was spotted by Letem Sevetem Apple, and apparently connects the lock and volume buttons to the iPod touch's internal components.

It's difficult to tell from this small leak whether or not the new iPod touch will undergo any external modifications, but it seems unlikely following last year's redesign of the media player.

In previous years, Apple has boosted the iPod touch's speed by giving it the processor used in the previous iPhone model. This could mean that the iPod touch will get a minor update with the iPhone 5's A6 chip.

In May, Apple introduced a new cheaper iPod touch model, which is 16GB with no rear facing camera or wrist strap, and also no additional colour options.

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