The education and iPod story has grow stronger with the announcement of new beta e-learning software for the iPod touch and iPhone.

dominKnow has announced the beta version of its iPod touch and iPhone-optimized Touch Learning Center portal for the dominKnow Learning Content Management System (LCMS).

With access to the dominKnow Learning Center through the touch-optimized portal, learners can log on and take full online courses, access reference objects and open documents and web links added as resources to any course. Learners can also access progress reports and their internal dominKnow LCMS email inbox.

dominKnow designed the Touch Learning Center portal using the iPhone User Interface (iUI), a framework and sample code released by developer Joe Hewitt.

"Our office has been buzzing with excitement since the iPod touch was released in Canada two weeks ago," said Chris Van Wingerden, vice president at dominKnow. "We knew that this device could open up tremendous new access to mobile e-learning - all because of Apple's focus on the user experience. The ability to zoom in and out of web content means that the experience of taking a course online is so much more intuitive than the experience on many other mobile devices."

iPod Touch and iPhone users can try this experience for themselves. dominKnow has posted a short sample course online in the Touch Learning Center portal. To access the portal, go to and create a user account.