Believe it or not, t's been 40 years since the first ever cell phone call, so go and call a loved one then be sure to come back to read your mid-week GeekBytes update. Today's installment features a mechanical Etch-A-Sketch, emoticons and a lot of sticky notes.

Google really does want you to emote [Google+]

On April Fools' Day, Google revealed that users of social network Google+ would now be able to add emoticons to their pictures. Want to add a sad face to your sad face? Sure! At first, many assumed the new feature was just one of many Google's April Fools' jokes, but it turns out this one's for real. The feature, when selected, will analyze your picture and automatically add an emoticon that Google+ thinks matches your face. It looks like this one's staying, folks. [via Ubergizmo]

Insane sticky-note video goes back to the 80s [YouTube]

A stop-motion animation video posted to YouTube pays tribute to the 1980s arcade hits Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac Man, all made possible thanks to sticky notes. Lots and lots of sticky notes. The stop-motion video, which is made up of 5,722 individual photographs, makes use of over 4,800 of the sticky notes, and took its creator Michael Birken around eleven months to complete. Wow.

Arduino-powered Etch-A-Sketch gets arty [Instructables]

Like me, this Arduino-powered Etch-A-Sketch seemingly can't, erm, use an Etch-A-Sketch. This homemade machine has trouble making anything that looks remotely impressive on the mechanical toy, and instead just draws seemingly at random. Some may argue that the DIY Arduino sketcher is going down the process art route, but whether you like its automated illustrations or not, the homespun machine is somewhat mesmerizing to watch:

And hey, it even shakes itself clean.

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