Speculation on the much-talked about Apple TV set commonly point to the application of voice-controlled features with Siri. However, Apple isn't going to be the first company to pioneer the concept of telling your entertainment set what to play. That honor actually goes to Microsoft's Kinect, which works in conjunction with the Xbox 360 to navigate your console's content and vocally control video playback.

However, LG Electronics can boast that they've (technically) got the first smart TV lineup with built-in voice-command software, thanks to the Magic Motion Remote Control.

LG's Korean branch "unveiled" the remote via press release today, but the device has actually been popping up in trade shows since last year. Now that it's out to market, you can probably expect them to be pushed heavily alongside the company's Cinema 3D Smart TVs.

As reported by SlashGear and Pocket-lint, speaking into the remote control activates commands and searches for key text in the apps running on their Cinema 3D Smart TVs. Along with the voice recognition, the remote also packs a scroll wheel, a 2D-to-3D switch, and built-in motion controls so that you can point at the TV screen directly.

Of course, none of the innovations here are especially groundbreaking, but the combination of all the features into the remote should arguably eliminate the need for multi-button panels.

Sure, the technology at work here doesn't involve speaking directly to the TV itself, but the real unknown quantity here is probably the quality of the voice recognition software. (Imagine how silly someone would look by yelling at their remote instead of the TV.) 

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