LINDY Electronics has launched a USB charging adapter for Apple's popular iPad, which promises to resolve an issue with older Macs and PCs.

Compatible with iPads, iPods and iPhones, the LINDY adapter enables users to charge their Apple devices through any computer's USB port and avoid the "Not Charging" message.

All the user needs to do is connect their Apple USB data cable to the USB port on a Mac or PC via the LINDY adapter and the iPad will charge, insists the company.

"USB is now ubiquitous as a charging method and most users expect just to be able to plug-in their device to any USB port when it needs a top up, so this
issue is a frustrating one for many iPad users," says Owen Haigh, Senior
Product Manager, LINDY Electronics.

"With our latest USB adapter, users can charge their iPad via a standard USB port and still continue to use the computer as normal."

The LINDY USB charging adapter for iPad has a SRP of £9.99/€11.70 and is available from or

LINDY USB Charging Adapter for iPad

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