Lines have already begun forming outside Apple Stores in the lead up to the iPhone 5’s release on Friday.

On Sunday, there were already seven people in the queue outside the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York, and two outside Apple’s Covent Garden store, reports Fortune.

However, these queuers are not Apple fans. Instead, they’re all spending the week camping outside Apple Stores for commercial purposes.

The two campers outside the Covent Garden store are there hoping to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Fundraisers Ryan Williams and Peter King from Kent will auction off one of their iPhone 5 for the charity.

Photo: Fortune

In New York, the first two customers in the line for the iPhone 5 are promoting their social media startup, Vibe. Customers three and four will have their iPhone 5s paid for by Gazelle, a company that buys old iPhones. They’ll also have food, drink, chairs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, wristbands and a tent provided to them for their week-long stay. They’ll be blogging about their experience too.

The fifth, sixth and seventh in line in New York decided to try their luck at waiting in line, hoping to get food and freebies given to them during their stay. It paid off, as Gazelle also offered to kit them out with branded gear and free food, as well as a free iPhone 5.

Will you be lining up to get your hands on the iPhone 5 on Friday?

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