Littlewoods Poker has moved to use Flash, opening its online poker games to Mac users for the first time.

Until now the hugely-successful site required players to download software, so restricting access to those using shared PCs.

The new Flash-based version has been created by CryptoLogic and promises the same high levels of security offered by major banks.

Stephanie Sammut, Poker marketing manager with Littlewoods Gaming, said: “Our entire reputation is built on trust – so we wanted to be absolutely sure we could do this in the most secure way possible.

“The vast majority of our players are already using the downloads and are more than happy to continue doing so. They will remain the backbone of the Littlewoods online gaming experience.

The change has been fuelled by increased Mac market share, the company said. "The success of Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iTunes has seen a surge in Britons buying Mac desktops and notebooks. Apple is also expected to see further gains in market share after putting Intel chips in its machines and making them easily compatible with the Windows operating system," Littlewoods explained.

Sammut added: “We know many enthusiasts have been frustrated because their computer of choice is a Mac, but our download software is not compatible with the Apple operating system. Now we have overcome that problem.