Apple will be streaming tonight's event live on its website for the first time since 2004, using QuickTime and HTML5 (available for Mac users running Safari; iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch). Macworld will also be at the press event adding our usual live commentary.

Macworld UK has live coverage courtesy of from the Apple Event taking place 1 September 2010 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco.

Live coverage begins at 10:00 PST (6PM BST).

As per usual, there are plenty of predictions doing the rounds. Apple has launched new iPod models in September for the last few years, so a new iPod touch based upon the A4 processor from the iPhone 4 is almost a given (having said that: has strong odds against a new iPod touch). Hopefully it will also contain the cameras from the device, that could particularly improve the takeup of FaceTime.

We also think it's likely that we'll see the iOS4 Software Update to the iPad today.

Rumours of an iPod touch nano with a small 3x3 cm touchscreen seem to be gaining traction as the day progresses.

Whether Apple also updates its older iPod range is debatable. Although it has continued to do so even though interest in the devices is declining as wireless devices take-off. We wouldn't be suprised to find a new model of iPod nano and shuffle if the 3x3cm touchscreen rumours turns out to be false.

We could also see some form of music streaming service. Ever since Apple bought Lala we've been aware that some form of music streaming is in the works. It could be a subscription service, in the form of Spotify; or it could be a service that enables you to stream music you own on iTunes to an iDevce. Will we see iTunes Live? We think it's a good bet. 

Other rumours include a 7-inch iPad nano, sitting between the iPod touch and iPad. While this may seem rather leftfield it would be a more pocketable device, that could have a more friendly circa £299 price point, and the ability for Apple to source a third screen size could help production meet demand. It makes sense of paper but whether we'll see an iPad nano steal the show is another question; the invite features an acoustic guitar that certainly seems to suggest that this event is about music and not computing.

The same goes for the much mooted refresh to the Apple TV. We've no doubt that Apple is looking to refresh the Apple TV and bring it into line with other iOS-based devices, including the ability to run apps. But we think Apple still has some work to do on that and it'll come at a later date (although we could always be wrong).

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