RIM is gearing up to launch the BlackBerry 10 operating system today, along with new handsets rumoured to go on sale in Februrary.

The launch isn't off to a good start, with Stephen Bates, RIM's MD, dodging all questions relating to Apple and the iPhone during today's round of promotional interviews. But that has - in a roundabout way - served to promote interest in BlackBerry 10.

At least he didn't recreate this 'cringe-worthy' rock video that was screened to BlackBerry Developers during last year's BlackBerry 10 event.

RIM has struggled in recent years, and it's no exagerration to say that the company's future rests on its ability to make a sucess with BlackBerry 10. But the company is far from a lost cause. Rob Enderle outlined why he thought 2013 could be RIM's year stating: "As we look ahead to 2013, it's becoming increasingly clear that the new year provides an unprecedented opportunity for Research in Motion to make a huge comeback."

However, RIM delayed BlackBerry 10 and plummeting sales were reported in June 2012. The company also laid off 30 per cent of its wokers last year. "It's obviously not good news." said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst with Gartner. "They need something in the market as quickly as they can, to get people back on the enterprise side and not to leave the door open to Windows. 

So can BlackBerry 10 save the day? 

We have a live feed from today's BlackBerry RIM event. Coverage begins at 7:00am PST (3PM GMT). 

Click here to watch a Live Video: BlackBerry 10 launch event.