RIM is set to launch the BlackBerry 10 operating system today in New York, 7AM PST (3PM GMT). 

We have a live stream of the event, which will enable Macworld readers to determine whether RIM has done enough to fend off Apple, or whether the company is in dire straights.

BlackBerry 10 has suffered delays, and setbacks and it's no secret that this is the operating system that could make, or break, the company. 

2012 was a bad year for RIMFirst IDC research showed it was less popular than Apple's iPhone in its native land of Canada. Then, in April, RIM reported a terrible financial quarter posting a net loss of $125 million and a 21 percent decline in BlackBerry sales compared to the previous quarter and announced that it will now focus its attention on the enterprise market and scale back on the consumer market.

Moreover Apple hasn't just stolen the consumer crown, research during in 2012 showed that the company had made serious inroads into RIM's core enterprise market. This report states: "By the end of 2012, Apple iOS will be the number one corporate-liable operating system device by volumes shipped. It is expected to hold onto this position throughout 2016."

The launch didn't get off to a good start today, with RIM's MD Stephen Bates repeatedly refusing to answer any questions related to Apple or the iPhone

Can BlackBerry 10 save RIM, or is it too little too late. The only way we'll find out is when RIM reveals its BlackBerry 10 plans today.

Watch the launch live here.

We also have a Live Feed from the BlackBerry 10 launch event here.

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