Liverpool has the fastest average broadband speeds in the UK, says

Research by the broadand comparison site, which was conducted during March and August this year, revealed that on average Liverpudlians can access net connection speeds of around 7.72Mbps. Liverpool was closely followed by Cleveland, where speeds average 7.51Mbps and Croydon with 7.44Mbps.

Meanwhile, Dumfries in Scotland was named the area in the UK with the lowest average broadband speed, at just 2.89Mbps It was closely followed by Galashiels with 3.22Mbps and Shrewsbury, where residents receive an average speed of 3.46Mbps.

"We're all becoming more reliant on the internet for work and leisure and it's frustrating for those who receive inadequate broadband speeds," said Rob Webber, commercial director at Broadband Expert.

"In our opinion, the Government's pledge to make superfast broadband available in the majority of homes and businesses by 2017 cannot come soon enough and I'm sure residents and workers from the areas at the bottom of the table will also agree."