This week, reports emerged claiming that Apple was buying German HDTV maker Loewe. A Loewe spokesperson quickly dismissed these rumours. Despite this, the company’s share prices have significantly risen following the reports of an Apple takeover.

On Saturday, Apple Insider reported that Apple was negotiating to acquire Loewe for 87.3 million euros (about £54.9 million), but on Sunday, a spokesperson for the television maker said that the report had “absolutely nothing to it.”

Despite Loewe’s dismissal, Reuters reports that Loewe shares were up 30 per cent by Monday morning, at 5.92 euros, and trading volumes were more than triple its 90-day average.

Loewe has around 1,000 employees across 50 countries, and produces televisions with minimalistic designs. It also offers apps that can turn your iPad into a remote control for your Loewe TV.

A report from Seeking Alpha suggests that Apple buying Loewe would be a good move for the companies.

Buying Loewe would be a quick and easy way for Apple to enter the television market, says the report. Loewe has already mastered technology that could take Apple years to master on its own.

The report also highlights that Loewe shares Apple’s love for minimalistic design, allowing the two companies to integrate successfully. Loewe already has a good image in the marketplace, so Apple could maintain this while adding volume to the company.

Yesterday, an analyst poured cold water on the rumours of an Apple television, claiming that Apple wouldn’t waste the retail space, and that there’s little chance of the company doing a deal with US broadcast and cable providers.

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