Remote desktop client LogMeIn has announced a new way  to collaborate online in, currently in beta.

The online collaboration tool is stripped of "80 per cent of web conferencing features people never use" insists LogMeIn, and promises to be a simple and safe for sharing.

"Users wanting to host a work session online can simply head to the website and download an application to their Mac or PC," explains the company. "This then allows them to share a special code with people they wish to collaborate with. By entering that code into the Join side of the website, users will be able to view the host’s screen in real time." from LogMeIn

The only bad news appears to be is Flash based, which excludes iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users.

"As well as a simple shared screen experience, allows you to chat with other people involved in the collaboration," LogMeIn adds.  "The presenter can share files with viewers and allow viewers to request control of their PC for collaboration experience. It also provides the presenter with the option to cut off certain viewers if necessary."

LogMeIn's beta can be downloaded from while what promises to be "extremely competitive pricing" has yet to be confirmed.