Steve Jobs has a Christ-like status among his acolytes. Following the Messiah's habit of popping up on all manner of baked items, from pitta to toast, it's little wonder that the former's image has now started appearing on cookies.

This time though the divine intervention comes courtesy of a cake shop in honour of Apple's founder, organised to mark Internet Week Europe, a five-day celebration of the European internet industry.

For one day only, Apple fans will be able to get their hands on Steve Jobs portrait cookies, iPhone icon cupcakes, Apple pies and iPhone-shaped cookies - in all the different models - at the pop-up shop in London tomorrow (Wednesday, 9 November).

Up for grabs will be lifelike iMac G3 cakes measuring 6in x 6in x 7in. Also on sale are cupcakes featuring the famous image of Steve Jobs' silhouette replacing the bite in the Apple logo, which captured the imagination of millions of Apple fans in the wake of his death in October.

The 'iCake shop' called Megabites - which is "inspired by" Jobs rather than receiving any official sanction from the notoriously brand-protective Apple - is the brainchild of audacious blogger and freelance creative Miss Cakehead.

She has a track record in rallying Britain's most creative bakers to stage showstopper events, including an over-18s horror cake shop; a Japanese bakery in aid of the Tsunami Appeal, selling sushi cupcakes; and Cake Britain - the world's first art exhibition curated entirely from cake sculptures.

"Steve Jobs was an inspirational man and I spend approximately 90 per cent of my working day looking at his products," Miss Cakehead explained. "Because I can't bake myself, I rely on technology - my iPhone, my MacBook - to make projects like this happen."

Available in the shop will be other "geek cakes" - the phenomenon of making tech or sci-fi-inspired cakes - from the likes of Jen's Cakery, Crazy Moose Bakery and cake artist Holly Andrews. They include:

- Coloured shortbread cookies in the style of the spinning wait cursor, or 'marble of doom'

- A large cake featuring the binary code 01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01010111 01101111 01110010 01101100 01100100 00100001 00100000, which translates as 'Hello world!'

- Angry Birds character cupcakes

- Pantone cookies featuring the code for white: #FFFFFF

- Red velvet Pacman cakes

- A layered cake in Google's colours

- Social media widget cupcakes including Twitter, Facebook and RSS

The geeky treats can be bought in person at the hosting venue The Hospital Club in central London, or reserved via Twitter. The full list will be revealed on the day; see #geekcakes and @Miss_Cakehead for updates.

Proceeds will go to UK charity Pancreatic Cancer UK and cakes will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

"On Wednesday morning, as all the cakes arrive, we will be taking pictures and tweeting them with a reference; if people want them, just tweet back to reserve them for collection," Miss Cakehead told Macworld. "I think we will sell the cakes really quickly.

"Hopefully this will inspire people in other countries to do the same thing and raise money for pancreatic cancer research."

Macworld has also been collecting for Cancer Research - you can contribute here.