Taiwanese electronics firm Luxpro Technology plans to launch litigation against Apple regarding an iPod shuffle-inspired music player.

This is an extension of an existing legal dispute between the two firms. Apple fired the first shot in 2005, when it sued to stop Luxpro shipping two MP3 players that looked exactly like the iPod shuffle.

First displayed at trade show Computex in 2005, the players had the same chewing gum packet rectangular design as an iPod shuffle, and featured round control buttons on the case. They also had a small screen.

At the time, Luxpro representatives told media that they weren't sure where the basic design idea for the players came from, but the comments of most people stopping to look at the players were that they looked quite similar to the iPod shuffle.

Apple prevailed in the original litigation, with a Taiwanese district court ordering Luxpro to stop selling the products. Later, in March 2006, Taiwan's High Court overturned the ban.

Luxpro is now chasing Apple for $100 million in compensation for sales it claims it lost as a result of the original ban.