The Enterprise Desktop Alliance claim that Macs will increase their market share in the enterprise by 57 per cent in 2011, making it the fastest growing system in the enterprise next year.

The claim backs up the comments made in Apple's financial results conference call on Monday 18 October. Both Apple CEO Steve Jobs and COO Tim Cook described how the Mac, and the iPad, are being chosen by the Enterprise.

Regarding the Mac, Tim Cook explained: "The Mac is also increasingly getting pulled in to the enterprise as the employees are able to select. When people are given the choice, they prefer a Mac. We don't have as much distribution effort on that, but as we see it get larger, we will move accordingly. The great thing is that we're maintaining our focus on the consumer and the consumer is the forefront for thinking about all of our products. And the consumers in the enterprise are bringing this in."

While Steve Jobs discussed the iPad, saying: "We're already seeing tremendous interest in iPad from education and, much to my surprise, from business. We haven't pushed it really hard in business, and it's being grabbed out of our hands. And I talk to people in all kinds of business everyday that are using iPads."

Enterprise Desktop Alliance surveyed 460 IT Managers during May and June 2010 and found that Macs are set to make up 5.2 per cent of enterprise systems in 2011. Macs accounted for 3.3 per cent of enterprise systems in 2009, according to the Enterprise Desktop Alliance.

More significantly, the report claims that more than 25 per cent of all new systems being added in the enterprise will be Macs.

It is, however, the enterprises that already implemented Macs that are more likely to invest in new Macs, notes the Enterprise Desktop Alliance. "The median percentage of Macs in those organizations will double from 5 per cent to 10 per cent. In addition 65 per cent of the respondents had at least some Macs in their organization, and the number of organizations with a measurable proportion of Macs will grow to 70 per cent by the end of 2011."

"While growth in computers overall is softening from 6.1 per cent in 2010 to 2.9 per cent in 2011, Macs will show 40 per cent and 23 per cent growth in those same years," the report concludes.

The Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) describes itself as a collaboration among enterprise class software companies to deliver solutions that streamline the deployment, integration and management of the Mac in sophisticated Windows-centric IT environments.