MacAce, the Macworld Awards winning UK based ISP, has updated its mail system and webmail offering the following improvements and enhancements.  

Drag and drop attachments - you can now drag items from your Mac desktop into the attachments list in your browser. Users can also drag and drop email messages from your desktop directly into a mail folder window.

Smart-Spam enable - improved spam handling using reputation-based filtering, URL probing and link-based friends-challenge. The changes should make spam and real mail detection much more accurate and intelligent adds the ISP.

Speed improvements - especially when sending large attachments, promising 10x improvements.

Slideshow - if you receive an email with lots of pictures, our system will auto-slideshow these for you so you can view them within webmail - rather than just as attachments or a messy list of them within the message body.

Multi-account and identity support - you can add multiple email accounts to the same WebMail session - only for MacAce email accounts and domains the company hosts. You can also add your aliases for multiple identities of the same account. Both of these allow you to receive mail from several accounts in one window or send from any alias or account - just like you can in your mail program. MacAce notes, that the preferences currently only apply to the first account.

Folder management - promises to be much improved and now with size calculations. Users can click "manage" next to "More folders" to see the size.

Templates - Templates is a type of Draft explains MacAce, but it can be re-used over and over again and allows you to change the content and recipient each time.

MacAce has also announced several under-the-hood improvements, bug fixes, speed increases and anti-spam and anti-hack security advancements.

"The performance of our primary mail system was also increased last weekend, and this week we added an emergency, dedicated 100Mbps link between our primary and secondary mail systems - a 5x dedicated bandwidth increase just for the mirroring and syncing process. This also adds a 50 per cent overall speed increase on our secondary network," MacAce notes.

"We’ve tried to make the settings for these very self-explanatory, but if you do need help or further information, please let us know. You can email [email protected] or call support direct on 01208 220018."

Founded in 1996, MacAce is billed as the original Mac ISP. "We provide innovative internet services - especially for Macs - including up to 24Mbps Broadband ADSL, phone packages, Online Backup, secure email and website hosting (including ColdFusion and reseller packages) - all backed up with first-rate technical help and support for Mac OS X, Linux, Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9 (Windows too if necessary!)"