Apple's mulitmedia-ready Macs are driving innovation across the UK education sector.

A case in point is the new research and teaching facility at Loughborough University. Apple's high-end Macs are being used to push the boundaries of creative expression, harnessing technology to ideas on animation, design and video production.

Apple's UK education website has published a case study that looks at the pioneering work taking place there.

"The Academy was funded via the Science Research Investment Fund (SRIF), in which the Government is looking to invest in the infrastructure of scientific research in higher education," the report explains.

The University has fielded a huge team of Macs to help the project: 19 Power Mac G5 Quads; an Xserve and a series of huge 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays.

Ben Dolman, IT technical tutor at Loughborough University stressed: "We don't do any inductions for students such as 'This is how you use a computer'; we do 'This is how you make a film, this is how you make a piece of music'. They're not even looking at the computer, the emphasis is on the creative aspect and that's only possible because we use the Mac".

The University is extremely positive about its Mac purchasing decision, noting affordability, ease-of-use, flexibility, software and, indeed, the longevity of Apple's machines.

You can read this report here.