Avvenu has introduced iTunes support to its Avvenu Music Player digital music service.

The web-based service allows users to remotely listen to and share their iTunes music library using any PC, Mac or Windows Mobile 5 smartphone. Users can assign up to six devices to be able to access their music collections.

The system streams music from iTunes via the internet, enabling immediate playback while protecting the rights of copyright holders.

It features an easy-to-use interface displaying playlists, artist names, album names, song names and musical genres. The current beta version of the Avvenu Music Player allows users to share up to 250 tracks with friends for up to five days. The system offers support for MP3, AAC and WMA music file formats.

"The Avvenu Music Player expands and enhances the digital music experience of anyone with an iTunes library," said Richard French, CEO of Avvenu. "The iPod and iTunes have revolutionised the way people experience and enjoy music, now the Avvenu Music Player expands this experience, allowing iTunes users to listen to and share their library of music in exciting new ways."

The beta version of the Avvenu Music Player is available now for download.