Apple introduced its new iPhone device Tuesday without informing Cisco Systems whether it had accepted a licensing agreement to use the name Cisco owns.

The name iPhone is a registered trademark of Linksys, a division of Cisco. Linksys picked up the iPhone name when it bought a company called Infogear Technology in 2000.

Cisco has been in negotiations with Apple for a few years over a trademark licensing agreement, and intensively in the last few weeks, said Cisco spokesman John Noh. As late as Monday night, final terms were being added to the contract, he said.

"It is our belief that with their announcement today, Apple intends to agree to the final document and public statement that were distributed to them last night and that addressed a few remaining items. We expect to receive a signed agreement today," Noh said.

As of 4pm Pacific Standard Time, Tuesday, Cisco had not received a signed contract.

Apple representatives did not return calls seeking comment.

Apple may have been busy with its last-minute iPhone negotiations. According to the Whois database, the Internet domain is registered to a Santa Rosa, California, business called The Internet Telephone Company. Calls and emails to the Santa Rosa company were not returned.

The website has been taken down because it is "having lots of traffic from the launch of Apple iPhone," according to a note on the site.