Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) has unveiled the second generation of its HomeDock Deluxe iPod dock.

HomeDock Deluxe connects any dockable click-wheel iPod to the user's TV and stereo systems. It features a user-friendly on-screen interface controlled with a remote, and ships with an S-video cable.

Because content comes directly from the docked iPod, there's no need for users to install a home network or run a cable to their computers.
"Instead of linking back to your computer, HomeDock Deluxe accesses the files stored right on your iPod — so you can easily take it with you and reconnect to any TV or stereo system," said DLO Creative Director Andrew Green.
The second-generation HomeDock Deluxe upgrade includes complete iPod video navigation with customisable themes and screen savers, multi-language support including Spanish and Chinese, a convenient auxiliary port for plugging in a 'visiting'  MP3 player, a new 'My Jukebox' feature that lets users select songs to build a party playlist on the fly, and, most notably, on-screen album art.

The enhanced DLO HomeDock Deluxe for iPod costs $149.99 and will begin shipping in the US this March.