DLO introduced its TransDock for iPods with video last week at Macworld Expo.

The device offers a bunch of new features, chief among these is the ability to output video from an iPod into the car's built-in video system.

TransDock transmits audio content from any dockable iPod using a car's existing FM radio and 12-volt power outlet. The video support lets users watch movies on their car video system, while the audio track is played through the car stereo.

DLO promises its new road safety asset will ship in March 2007, the device is set to cost $99.99.

TransDock also offers an iPod cradle, and lets users control bass, treble and volume settings using the car's own audio controls (on compatible units). It also includes interchangeable faceplates and a built-in USB power charger, which users can employ to recharge their mobile phones, for example.