Tursiogear has introduced Portago, a case for the video iPod that lets users connect the player to multiple output devices.

Portago performs all the functions of a dock, remote, recharging device and case.

The case allows the fifth-generation iPod to connect with a broad range of output devices. It also includes an infrared remote control for the player, which remains hidden in the case.

Video playback sucks battery life. To address this, the case also features a built-in power adaptor to connect the case to an electrical socket, keeping your iPod powered and ready to move.

"This innovative new case is a portal that unlocks the video iPod's content for on-the-go owners," said Tursiogear president Timothy Tynyk. "No other case achieves so much — and it is great looking, too."

The case includes a range of built-in ports, including S-video out, audio/video line out and a 30-pin dock connector. The click wheel is easily accessible through a window in the case door, while a clear cover protects the video iPod's screen. A retractable outlet plug for recharging is built into the back of the case. Portago also comes with its own storage bag.

The case was designed by Speck Design and is manufactured in China.

A special Macworld Expo show price is $79.95, but this price rises on 1 February.