An all-new pre Macworld Expo rumour evolved this weekend — that the company plans to massively increase the amount of online storage that .Mac subscribers enjoy.

According to eagle-eyed Mac fans, Apple has quietly raised capacities to 30GB, though this space isn't available yet.

A YouTube video claims to blow the lid on the new rumour, but this could be faked.

The news generated a perfect storm of excitement among .Mac aficionados. Many users have begun searching for alternative services, complaining that .Mac's features and capacity are insufficient for the price.

Early images from various sites escaping from the show demonstrate that Apple is filling the exhibition hall with banners proclaiming the same message it presently hosts on its website: "The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007."

And an eagle-eyed Mac rumour hound in the Middle East has caused some online consternation when he noted that his local Apple Store had begun erecting a series of coloured plinths, which he saw as potentially for a future product.

Meanwhile, some reports claim that Apple's US distributors have major consignments of security-sealed boxes ready for delivery to Apple retail stores this week.

All told, it's been a bumper weekend for rumour as the pre Macworld Expo sense of anticipation grows to fever pitch.