XtremeMac has launched a range of cables that it's aiming at the future AppleTV market.

The range includes the cables AppleTV buyers will need to integrate the device into their existing home entertainment setup. These include HDMI-to-HDMI cables, an HDMI-to-DVI cable, component video, Toslink optical audio and RCA stereo and a four-port HDMI switcher.

The XtremeHD four-port HDMI switcher provides expansion capability to home entertainment systems with limited HDMI inputs. Up to four HDMI sources, such as Apple TV, DVD players, satellite systems and digital video recorders, can be connected to the device, which connects to a single input on the television.

Any one of the four sources can be selected using the button on the front of the HDMI switcher or via the included remote control. The switcher is built to be stacked with the AppleTV.

The XtremeHD product line is available online now from both the XtremeMac and Apple websites.