We've pulled together some of the best moments from some of the best of our series of celebrity interviews below. Click through to read more. 

Gadget Show presenter Suzi Perri wishes she'd created the either the radio or the television because they are the "two Gods of gadget creation" and she thinks the iPod was "the first truly uni-sex gadget". 

R&B group Boyz II Men discuss their 20-year career and conclude: "there’ll probably never be any more legends to ever exist in the music industry, because the industry won’t support  people to be around for more than 10 or 15 years." 

Danny Dyer talks about working on the Grand Theft Auto series, and how kids shouldn't play them. He discusses his concerns about kids access to mobile phones: "They've lived their whole lives in this virtual world, constantly BBM-ing each other. My daughter's been through a whole relationship without meeting someone."

We speak to the Kaiser Chiefs (above) who tell us: "The thing that’s missing with digital downloads is the emotional attachment you have with a record." There's also the problem of piracy: "On our third album we were victims of the internet in a way. It leaked and everyone stole it."

Rugby world cup winner Matt Dawson MBE tells us about his iMac, iPhone and iPad and the 'superstitious playlist' he and his rugby colleagues listened to on an iPod. 

Mark Goodier - DJ and iPhone addict, discusses iTunes, "It’s revolutionised the consumption of music and proved that people still want to buy music," and how his attachment to his iPhone is "embarrassing". "I’ve also tried lots of Nokias and the HTC Desire, but the user experience can’t come close to iOS," he tells us. 

Adrian Edmondson of the Young Ones tells us that he "travels around a lot. I used to take huge amounts of stuff – laptop and printer – but now the iPad has replaced most of that."