Mag+ has released version 3.5 of digital publishing platform. The upgrade is designed to make it easier for creatives and publishers to develop content for a growing range of mobile devices - from smartphones such as the iPhone to larger tablets such as the iPad, as well as mid-size devices such as the new Google Nexus 7 - without the need for numerous device-specific design iterations.

Support for analytics has also been improved, making it easy for publishers to access industry-standard metrics using their choice of analytics providers.

The most significant new feature allows designers to automatically translate their creations from one device to another. With a push of a button, the content will be copied to a new InDesign template and reconfigured based on pre-determined, user-defined settings. This gives them the ability to tweak that content without starting from scratch.

When the first design is complete, it can be exported simultaneously to any of the other Mag+-supported platforms, which include both flavors of iPad, plus iPhone, Kindle Fire and the two most common Android tablet sizes (1024 x 600 and 1280 x 800 - the Google Nexus 7 size). The plug-in will auto-populate the new template with all content, adjusted for the size and aspect ratio of that new device. The new feature will work on all versions of Adobe InDesign from CS4 onwards, with which Mag+ is taking a swipe at Adobe's new Liquid Layouts tool in CS6 (though Liquid Layouts is for more than just digital publications, as it's also for turning brochure layouts into billboards, for example).

The first two publications to use Mag+ to offer iPhone versions include the British Journal of Photography (BJP) and Sweden's Icon magazine.

Mag+ has announced that Scrawl, an independent illustration magazine (above), has claimed the Best in Show prize in Mag+'s Magnify Your World design contest.

Scrawl's creators take home US$5,000 (around £3,200) as Best in Show, as well as $1,000, having also won in the Comics category. It is also the first example of Mag+'s tilt function, and takes advantage of tap navigation, guiding readers chronologically through the comic.

Winners in the Best in Categoryincluded RedEye for EyePad (editorial), Hash (music and movies), Wootini (books), Hi Hirvi (brochures/catalogues), J3Z:SE (self-promotion) and Zone Blitz (people's choice).