Apple's Newsstand, the tailored hub for digital periodicals that launched today features a dozen new magazine apps created with Mag+ (Magplus) software.

The flagship product of Moving Media+ and tailored for touchscreen tablets, the Magplus software and InDesign plug-in lets designers add interactivity, transitions and 'pinning' commands that allow objects to move dynamically when the user turns the device.

Among the Mag+ titles at launch are Popular Science+, Popular Photography+, Outside+, and Maxim+. Designed especially for iPad, these are among the first periodicals on Newsstand's virtual shelves.

A dozen new iPad magazines, created in Mag+, already available on Apple Newsstand as it premieres this week.

"Newsstand is a key development we've been looking forward to on behalf of publishers and readers," said Moving Media+ CEO Staffan Ekholm. "A dedicated hub for periodicals within the iTunes ecosystem makes it so much easier to find and enjoy digital magazines. Having taken Popular Science+, the first iPad magazine, to Apple's market-dominating tablet, Mag+ is at the forefront as digital publishing evolves. We're committed to helping publishers deliver beautiful, engaging magazines to tablet readers and to exploiting all the revolutionary possibilities of tablet publishing."

For readers, the Newsstand app will appear on their iPad desktop after they upgrade to iOS5, and will house all the magazines they subscribe to. Newsstand will also directly link to a section in the App Store just for periodicals, and as they are purchased new magazines will go directly to the Newsstand folder. For subscribers, new issues will automatically download in the background as they become available, displayed with the latest cover rather than a standard app icon.